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Patent Pending #559011593

The Delta Tactical Ladder (DTL) is a unique assault tactical ladder system that meets several needs with just one single product. Made with the highest quality and strongest material, the DTL weighs less that 2 full loaded M16 magazines.

-12 Strand Braided Kevlar Winch Rope, with a tensile strength of 9500lbs

- 4 Wrap Thickness Carbon Fiber Steps

-Compact Lightweight System weighing 2.2lbs(10ft), 3.0lbs(16ft)

-Standard Pika Hook with ability to hold 2000lbs

-Standard Compact Lightweight Carabiner being able to hold 2697lbs (12Kn)

Delta Tactical Ladder's overall tensile strength exceeds 5000lbs allowing the end user the ability to customize the ladder system to the best fit individual criteria. Customizable options include but are not limited to custom hook, carabiner, grip tape, illuminous tape and/or glint tape.


The DTL system is equipped with Kevlar rope that is fire retardant, UV resistant, abrasive resistant.

Each DTL is designed to attach to the bottom of another DTL allowing the user to have access to even greater heights.

To enable the Delta Tactical Ladder system to be used in other situations we have variations/addons that are available.

- Floatation option can be added when conducting waterborne operations 

-Glint tape can be added to the rope in order to provide more visibility for conducting rescue operations or recreational use like spelunking for the avid adventure seeker.

*Delta Tactical Ladder does not recommend using the Ladder System on a height greater than 28 feet in a free suspension situation.

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Delta Tactical Ladder is a disabled Veteran owned business with unique insight. The DTL was designed by an ex-Delta Force operator with a special outlook for the needs of the job. 

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